• $13.00

Dinosaur Kids Automatic Umbrella

What do you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dinoSNORE!

New to Umbrella Heaven from Gotta Kids at Ezpeleta Design house. Some stomping good Dinosaur print umbrellas.

Don’t let the rain put you off exploring and digging for fossils. Take one of our chomping good brollies out into the wild before they go extinct.

Available in 3 ROARSOME colours; Orange, Yellow and Blue

The Umbrella is made of 100% polyester with a fibreglass and metal frame and with an auto open button on the handle.

Your junior adventurer will love to show this off to their friends. No more moaning about school runs in the rain.

(The print design on the umbrella canopy has a ‘messy’ screen print effect. The ‘sprayed’ effect is intentional)