• $17.00

Summer Fruits Kids Dome Umbrella. Fun, funky and fruity! 3 fresh designs: Lemon, Kiwi and Watermelon. These quality kids dome umbrellas are also totally windproof. Suitable for boys and girls alike.

The Summer Fruits Kids Dome Umbrella is designed with little fingers and child safety in mind. It has a smooth safety runner which slides easily along the chrome metal shaft. And there is no sharp catch to cut fingers on. What’s more the colour matched spoke tips are also rounded for enhanced safety. The end tip, the crook handle and the round spoke tips are all colour coordinated.

Approx. dimensions: length 62 cm (24.5″) from handle to tip; rib length is 46 cm (18″); the span across the open canopy bottom is 68 cm (27″).